Current and Future Projects Nataliia’s House is working on

Sierra Leone

Our purpose is to rescue, care and educate orphaned, abandoned and disabled children. We intend on breaking the cycle of homelessness for thousands of under privileged children each year. We will monitor our programs to measure progress against stated goals and make necessary refinements throughout the process.

Sierra Leone Team initiative ‘Support to ‘’Free Quality Education’’ targeting 250 vulnerable orphans in Sierra Leone’

Brief description of project/project Summary
The proposed project concept is an initiative to complement government and local council in their efforts to provide access to “Free quality primary and secondary education” for all Sierra Leonean children.

It’s a drive to help 250 underprivileged orphans (registered as Nataliia’s children), who are presently attending schools in four remote rural villages in Nongowa chiefdom in Kenema district of Eastern Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Basically, the project will involve
• Provision of school materials for individual orphans using a need-based approach
• Provision of teaching and learning materials for their schools
• construction /rehabilitation of their schools and recreation centers where required
• Provision of likelihood support to foster parents /care givers /guardians of the orphans.

This initiative will serve as move to sustain Sierra Leone’s post war development and it will include provision of capacity building to teachers and contribution for the construction of vocational centers in the remote town in Kenema district.

This project initiative emanated as a result of several requests for such support to be given to underprivileged/deprived orphans with special focus on orphans in remote rural towns and villages.
According to surveys conducted by partner civil society’s organizations operating in the district, 85% of orphans in Kenema district could not continue with their education after the death of their parents

Due to lack of such support from within their communities they are left with no alternative but to migrate in search of the little opportunity in cities and other communities where such basic privileges are sometimes provided by the private sector, civil society organizations or government. And in most cases where they fail to succeed; they result to drug abuse and other juvenile delinquencies which might put them in prisons.
In one of the recent inter-agency coordination meetings, it was agreed that civil society organization should design projects geared towards supporting these potential future leaders through education support of such unique nature.

This project is aimed at providing ‘Free Quality Education’ for primary secondary and vocational skills training as a means of empowerment for the realization of independent middle-class entrepreneurs within the future generation of Sierra Leone.

Nataliia’s House will use a multi-sector participatory approach for effective and efficient implementation of the project and the main partners will be the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affairs and the District Education Committee of the Kenema District Councils including the local chiefs and heads of the school’s institutions.

It may be important to note that government (through the District Education Councils) is paying the fees for all children in government assisted schools but unfortunately most of the schools we have identified are in very remote communities and that they are yet to be approved by government and in the worst cases even the school structures are built by the communities using local construction materials and teachers are paid from community contributions.

Paradoxically, with the government’s ‘Free Quality Education’ scholarship scheme; the parents/guardians are responsible for buying school materials such as books, uniforms, etc.

Nataliia’s House will assist in educational support for the first 250 orphans identified by our organization and other stakeholders in the district.

It is important to note that there are several children/teenage orphans undergoing various programs but the 250 beneficiaries will be carefully selected from four of the most deprived remote rural village communities that have been suggested by the district education committee, stakeholder committee and our organization, namely:
• Bumbeh
• Nyenwayihun
• Kpagbma
• Ganagama

Nataliia’s House can help to complement government as out lined above where possible; we wish that you support the 250 orphan with Nataliia’s House Team serving as their foster parent through their respective caregivers /guardians in their respective villages.

It may be important to inform you that the future plan is to build special need school in one of the four villages (Nyenwayihun); which can host all the 250 children under one roof where Nataliia’s House will operate the school as agreed by the village authorities. In relation to the lack of basic social amenities like clean drinking water, health centers, school feeding, etc., we intend to give support to all the four villages at the initial stage, with our focus to target and concentration on the village where we would build the Nataliia’s House School.

It is the hope and the intent of Nataliia’s House to assist the surrounding villages with becoming self-sufficient in the growth and maintenance of the educational and health facilities by utilizing available lands and manpower to employ local workers and initiate agriculture projects that can not only assist with daily food stores but also derive substantial income to the villages through a co-operative plan with other local manufacturing and distribution organizations.


Nataliia’s House has a mission to provide homeless, disabled and/or low-income individuals and families, including veterans, with housing, food, clothing and support services necessary to obtain self-sufficiency and improved quality of life.

United States

Nataliia’s House USA has a mission to provide homeless, disabled and/or low-income individuals and families, including veterans, with food, clothing and support services necessary to obtain self-sufficiency and improved quality of life. The foundation will assist less fortunate children with school supplies, tutoring services and after school programs that teach various skills in the arts, including: singing, dancing, theatre, and more.
Coming in 2020 “Nataliia’s House for Performing Arts”. In the memory and spirit of Nataliia Kondrateva, Nataliia’s House for Performing Arts will focus on providing after school programs in the arts for the less fortunate. The various locations will also serve as drop off locations for food, clothing, school supplies and other items for the less fortunate in the communities we will operate in.